Amy Amour, The Prettiest Ladyboy Ever?

If you think that Thai superstar Amy Amour is the prettiest ladyboy ever, you are not alone in that opinion. She is a superstar for a reason, working not only in adult videos but also mainstream modeling and music videos, completely as a girl.

It’s no wonder she can easily pass as a girl in most areas of her life without anyone knowing any different, or knowing she has a cock. The whole point of being feminine and pretty, while having a she-cock is to integrate totally into life as a woman. And Amy Amour is probably the prettiest of all.

What makes this even more dream-like is that Amy Amour can, on most days, be found standing in front of one of Pattaya’s most popular ladyboy bars on Walking Street, and she would love for you take her away for some playtime. That is, if you can handle someone so fucking pretty.


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