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Stunning Thai Ladyboy Lisa In Fishnets

Thai ladyoy in fishnet stockings

Oh my fuck! Lookie what we have here. Thai Ladyboy Lisa is one of the superstars of the Bangkok Tranny scene. Actually she is Chinese-Thai, and maybe that’s what makes her such a sexually potent mix of exotic beautifulness. She is in possession of an immodestly large, rock-hard, gloriously beautiful she-cock, which she uses to fire off multiple rounds of ladyboy juice whenever she is horny and turned on. I know this because she fired it off one me on several occasions. So now, whenever I am in Bangkok (which isn’t often enough), I make it a point to see her if she’s around, and she usually is.

A beautiful Asian tranny in fishnets is always a good thing, but it positively drives me crazy when it’s a a superstar like Lisa, or as I like to call her every time I see her, “Lovely Ladybody Lisa.” She loves it when I call her that.

She loves it even more when when I rip off her blouse and start sucking on her deliciously perky hormone breasts, then softly drag my tongue down her front side a bit until I’m teasing it around her rigid she-cock, which by then is pulsating and throbbing in anticipation. But I don’t give her an opening yet, not until I am able to give her sweet ladyboy ass the same oral treatment, to prime it up and make it ready for my cock to enter, which I always do before I offer any relief to her and give her a place to put hers. And then she absolutely explodes!!!

She is absolutely amazing, beautiful, horny and sexually talented in every way. I never, ever get tired of this sweet Bangkok Ladyboy, and neither will you.



Asian Tranny In Seedy Hotel

She-cock in short time hotel

There is something totally primal and addictive about paying for a short time fuck in a dirty, seedy hotel room, with a ‘good-to-go’ Asian tranny, where so many have done the same thing before you and left quick after the deed was done. I tell you, I’m one of the many who is totally in to that kind of thing when the moment strikes and the menu is good.

Like it would be with this Asian shemale. I can totally imagine (because I often do it) landing in Bangkok, taking a quick 75 minute taxi to Pattaya, check into the hotel and hit the streets, find this hard Thai tranny on the curb and drag her fast to the seedy hotel down the soi, strip her clothes off and let the sweet pungent odor of her sweaty ball-sack and ass crack waft through my nostrils as I kiss and suck her body almost violently while working up to a raging erection, then get her on all 4s and enter her ladyboy ass from behind while she is in the exact pose in this picture above.

I would plunge her at full power with all my might, and keep on plowing her with every fiber of my being for as long as it takes to fill that ass pipe with my backed-up jizz. Primal urges and ladyboys!



Newhalf Nene Aizawa Gives A Blow Job

Nene Aizawa in bare feet sucking a cock

If there is one thing hotter than a sexy Japanese shemale giving a special tranny blowjob, it’s when she does it in bare feet, and Nene Aizawa is doing just that. Look at her–she’s totally hot, and she loves to show her sexy bare feet and rub them on her she-cock while she is giving a blow job. I love her sexy body too. She is like the epitome of an Asian tranny, with milky white skin. All I wanna do is take her throbbing girlie-cock and worship it until the sun comes up, and swallow her luscious tranny nectar whole.


Pattaya Ladyboy Amy Amour’s Hot Jizz

Superstar Ladyboy Amy

Do you want to actually fuck Amy Amour, Pattaya’s most famous superstar ladyboy? I know I sure do! It’s easy to find her, and she wants you to find her! In the member’s area of LadyboyInc.com, they give you her phone number and email. I just saw this and wanted to tell the world. I’m going to go meet her and make all my fantasies happen.

Until I get there however, I’m gonna jerk my cock to every image and video I can find of her. I love her stunning face, and taut body. I wanna grab her sweet shemale ass and pull her closer to me as I mount her and impale her  heavenly crack. Check her out here, looking all gorgeous in her classy stockings, pulling her pretty she-cock until she goes over the brink of orgasm. She is my ultimate fantasy.


Bangkok Ladyboy Ass Up for Cock

Ass up Ladyboy for Cock

Look at this sexy Bangkok ladyboy named Beer! Her back is arched and her ass is in the air, so lovely looking and waiting for a hard cock to plunge deep inside her. She is such an incredibly feminine and delicate Asian shemale from Bangkok–a true Ladyboy Superstar! She is fucking stunning.

I could dick her deep all day and keep on dickin’! And then I’d cum all over her and snuggle up and hold her tight all night long. I can’t wait to get to Bangkok to meet her in the flesh and worship her from head to toe in all her glory.

But I loved watching her jack off and pose like she is ready for my cock to enter her, in this super hot video, and so will you! Don’t miss it!



My Ladyboy Obsession

I was first exposed to Ladyboys back in 1996 when I first made my journey into the Kingdom Of Thailand. My first night at Nana Plaza opened my eyes to another world, but I was yet to tread on this slippery slope and headed off to the Full Moon Party. As you are probably aware, the Full Moon Party is out of control and at that time (maybe you still can) you could get “shroom” pizzas, pot shakes and pot brownies. I was in a stage of my life where I was always down for a party so I ingested everything I could and became violently ill, vomiting, shaking uncontrollably and tripping my balls off as you would imagine. I was off to a bad start.

At one point I thought I was going to die and a group of Ladyboys came to my aid and pulled me behind a shack where I was thinking for sure they were going to rape me, but I was unable to defend myself or even say no to them. They didn’t rape me (dammit), but what they did do was give me some sort of liquid to drink that made me vomit more. A lot more. They then stayed with me and nursed me until I was able to regain control of the situation. Once I was ok, they went back to the party and I never saw them again. To this day I am unsure what they gave me to throw up or what they did to bring me down but they did and they took great care of me, a stranger. I’m thankful for the assistance, but deep down I secretly wish they would have all had their way with me while I lay helpless in the sand, behind a bamboo shack, under a full moon.

Jump to 2000 on another journey to Thailand and my first real sexual encounter with a ladyboy. She was walking on Sukhumvit Road around 4am and was flirting with me. I had no idea she was a ladyboy because she was so beautiful the thought never crossed my mind. She came to my room and we made out before showering. I never noticed the bulge in her panties as she pressed against me. Once we were in the the bathroom her erect she-cock flopped out, and to my surprise I did not run away. I was startled, but intrigued. Before I had time to think about it any more, she pushed me down and shoved her cock right into my mouth. I’m not sure if I was caught in the moment or I was secretly longing for this but I sucked her cock as if it were the last cock on earth. She moaned in ecstasy as I licked and loved every inch of her throbbing fat girlie dick. I smelled her balls and rubbed my face in them while jacking her off, and then she face fucked me until she came down my throat.

I gotta be honest with you, I didn’t handle the cum very well because I didn’t expect it nor had I ever tasted it. I gagged and threw up in the toilet. To this day I can’t eat sperm and I don’t want to, but I sure do like to look at it spray out of their pulsing cocks. She got a kick out of it all and then sucked me off until I came so hard I cried. That was how it began, and 6 years later I am a Ladyboy addict. On occasion I will have sex with a girl who was born a girl… but 9 out of 10 times I crave the cock of a beautiful Ladyboy. I am an addict.

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