The Soles Of Ladyboy Feet

I have a treat for you, if you’re in to ladyboy feet. Miss Mai has totally sexy feet. Not only her pretty toes, but the soft, suckable soles of her feet are enough to send any of us who have a ladyboy foot fetish into a tizzy of passionate desire.

It’s not like she’s all feet and no fuck though. She has a very nice she-cock, above average in length and thickness, but for Mai, sexual foreplay always keeps coming back to her feet. She might not let you play with her meaty penis until you let her play with your cock using her feet first.

Can’t you just imagine having the shaft of your cock rubbed like a pestle between the soles of both feet, an then eventually her sexy little toes slip into your mouth and she starts sucking your cock?

I’m sure you can imagine what happens next.


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